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For decades, the night before Thanksgiving has been one its busiest, and no less so for the native (and long-time) New Yorkers who have included Dorrian’s as a major part of their familial, social, and societal upbringing, meeting and making lifelong friends they look very much forward to catching up with on this night.

Tonight we again welcome and celebrate the Manhattanites and Yorkvillians who have made Dorrian’s their second homes since early adulthood. Several younger regulars remember being brought to Dorrian’s by their own parents for family meals and/or events with dear friends from any number of other NYC prep schools.

They may also reminisce about the generations of local and international debutantes that would make us their unofficial after-gala party venue, or how Dorrian’s was either the starting or ending point (or both!) of an epic night of bar- and club-hopping back in the 80s and 90s.

The love and hugs will be the most genuine and heartfelt. Some maybe long overdue, but all will be most welcome and most meaningful. The memories — yes, some spotty— will be no less filled with love and admiration. And the reunions will be marked with the gratitude that we all grew up — one way or another — through and at our Upper East Side restaurant, bar, and “second home.”

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Later Event: November 22