It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

And Dorrian's has for decades been the venue where fans, friends, families, locals, visitors, offices, and companies have held and hosted their holiday and holiday-themed parties and events.

We offer two rooms—both with a full bar—and a number of available amenities to enhance your holiday party experience.

We offer:
• Custom Food/Drink Packages and Menus
• Special music, KARAOKE and/or DJ
• Greeters and full service staff
• Special decorations and desserts (with notice)
• Special staging for kiosks, auctions, etc.
• Multimedia Presentations with sound
• and more!

So call us at 212.772.6660, email us at, or come in to our space at 1616 2nd Avenue (on 84th Street), to inquire about have your holiday celebration at Dorrian's Red Hand.

Happy Holidays!